Triangle Double-Sided Insert Pads

Triangle double-sided adhesive insert pads are typically used for enhancing or adding volume to the bust area. When it comes to choosing suitable clothing to wear with these pads, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some recommendations:

  •  Structured or Fitted Tops: To ensure a natural look and prevent the pads from shifting, it's best to choose structured or fitted tops. These types of garments provide a more stable base for the pads, keeping them securely in place. Avoid loose or flowy tops that may not offer enough support for the inserts.

  •  V-Neck or Scoop Necklines: V-neck or scoop necklines are great choices to pair with triangle insert pads. These necklines tend to create a flattering silhouette, while also allowing the pads to blend seamlessly with the garment. The shape of the pads aligns well with the contours of these necklines, enhancing the overall appearance.

  •  Medium to Heavy Fabrics: Opt for tops or dresses made from medium to heavy-weight fabrics. These materials provide better coverage and support for the pads, ensuring they remain discreet and in position. Lightweight or sheer fabrics may not conceal the inserts as effectively and can cause them to shift.

Remember, the triangle insert pads aim to create a natural and seamless appearance. Choose clothing that complements the pads and provides a supportive foundation to keep them in place. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for your body type and personal preferences.