Do you know why the travel pack breast tape is very convenient to carry with?

It's because it's always inconvenient to carry a cutter with you whenever you travel. But from now on, you don't need to bring it anymore. You can use our nipple covers anytime and anywhere, making it much more convenient. We offer three different sizes of tapes that are suitable for customers' specific preferences.

Small size: Ideal for attaching to the sides of the breasts to create a closer look or as an alternative to attaching to the nipples (Although this method is not highly recommended due to the adhesive tape being quite sticky. It is recommended to use it on the nipples instead.)

Medium size: Can be used to create a closer look, provide lift and support, or simply as a breast adhesive.

Longest size: Can be used for both lift and support by creating a cleavage effect, or for people wearing backless dresses who require special lift and support.